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Traditional Archers Association of Nova Scotia

Dive into the world of traditional archery
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Traditional Archers Association Nova SCotia

Dedicated to the preservation of the ancient and honourable sport of traditional and primitive archery, and to represent the traditional and primitive archers of Nova Scotia.

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Traditional archery

 Why? Because it is simple!

Traditional archery is shooting with a bow and arrow either as a sport or for recreational purposes
and requires a high level of focus and concentration.

With traditional archery, all you’ll need is a bow, some arrows and something to shoot at.
Just head out to your local, safe shooting spot and you’re ready to go.

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down memory lane

A short peek

In the 1980s, traditional archery started gaining popularity, leading to a meeting in the summer of 1990 to discuss establishing a Provincial association.

Attendees included Bernie Clancy, Robert Deviller, Darren Peddle, Ron Bessey, and Paul Stinson, and the name chosen was TAANS (Traditional Archers Association of Nova Scotia), considering that TANS (Trappers Association of Nova Scotia) already existed.

In 1991, the first TAANS shoot took place at Scotian Bowmen with 14 participants present.

Bernie Clancy served as TAANS’s first President until 1998, when John Large took over.

Under John’s leadership and that of the executive, TAANS was incorporated as a Provincial association, and it remains active in the present day.

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Become a member

Everyone can become a member of TAANS.

With your membership, you will support the work of TAANS towards the traditional archery community.


Over the age of 18
$ 20


$ 30
  • A family is defined as two or more adults living in the same household with their dependants under the age of 18.